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Why is a Corporate Wellness Programme needed? Corporate wellness programmes are an investment in your company's most important resource, your workers. Studies have shown that workers are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are in feeling well both physically and mentally. Workers are also more likely to be attracted to, remain with, and appreciate an employer that values them. Corporate wellness programmes improve company productivity by:

  • Profitability of your company increases!
  • Quality of your work product & services
  • Increases and improves employee performance & productivity
  • Attracting superior quality staff
  • Reducing the rate of absenteeism, time lost and workplace error
  • Enhancing on-the-job time utilisation & decision making
  • Improving worker morale, which in turn lowers turnover.

In addition to improved productivity, these programmes have been shown to be an effective tool in slowing the growth of health care costs. Selecting healthier options may reduce a worker's chances of suffering from illness. Less illness means businesses can lower health plan utilisation, thereby lowering health benefit costs, and consequently increasing earnings. While health cost savings from corporate wellness programs may be less evident than productivity gains, research shows that medically high-risk workers are medically high-cost workers as they use additional health care and generate higher claims.

A corporate wellness programme, provides confidential, professional mental health counselling to employees experiencing a range of psychological and emotional difficulties, family and relationship problems or challenges stemming from unsuccessful efforts to balance work and personal life. Whether directly related to their employment or not, an employee’s mental health is as important to workplace performance as physical health. Referrals can be made by supervisors, HR officers, or employees can refer themselves. Having a wellness programme shows your employees that you do care about them and their well-being. Monthly, quarterly or annual reports are available to companies.

Referrals can be made by supervisors or employees are able to refer themselves. The benefit is confidential and extends to their family members as well. Having a wellness programme shows your employees that you do care about them and their well-being. Monthly, quarterly or annual reports are available to companies utilizing our programmes. If you take the minimal cost to the company and compare it with the costs associated with training new employees or the expenses associated with laying off troubled employees the result would be fairly obvious.

Comprehensive training is provided on an as needed basis to make sure that your entire management team is fully trained and equipped to utilise your Programme. In regards to employees referred, general information is provided to the supervisor regarding the attendance of the employee and if they are being compliant with achieving their goals and objectives. Our productivity reports, evaluations, and employee surveys are provided to you and order to enable you to monitor the success of your programme.

In addition to the provision of psychological counseling services, The Wellness Centre offers many corporations and local business a range of high quality training services. Training services range from 1hr lunch and learn workshops designed to be a fun and interactive learning opportunities for all to enjoy, to intense full day retreats specially designed to address team or departmental issues such as communication, conflict resolution, teambuilding, and morale.

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