Alyssa Archer-Cooper

Certified PEERS Facilitator
Psychology Assistant

Alyssa Archer-Copper is an Educational Specialist from Canada who joined The Wellness Centre in September 2022. In her role Alyssa provides educational and developmental assessment services, including the administration of psychological and developmental assessments, psychoeducation, training, and skills-based interventions to individuals and families. She also provides community-based support through collaboration with multidisciplinary school based teams to provide IEP recommendations, assessment feedback, and coordination of community events that align with The Wellness Centre’s values.

Alyssa holds a Masters in Educational Psychology, with a specialization in Inclusive Education from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She also earned a Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology from McGill University as well as a Bachelors in Fine Arts with Distinction from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Alyssa is fluent in English and French and qualified to administer psychological and developmental measures in both.

Prior to joining The Wellness Centre Alyssa worked in private educational and community settings as an Educational Specialist where she was responsible for ongoing assessment and development of learning and social IEP goals for students with autism and related developmental disabilities. Alyssa is passionate about sustainable and innovative approaches to promote social inclusion, creativity, and interactive learning for neurodiverse populations. Her passions for psychology, visual arts, martial arts and dance combined have led to numerous teaching, coaching, and assessment opportunities in both private and public sectors within specialized schools and communities in Canada. She holds a first degree black belt in Kyokushin karate, and is a trained professional in the areas of hip hop, contemporary dance, and visual arts. Alyssa is excited to integrate these skills within The Wellness Centre’s recreational and social adaptive skills programmes.

Alyssa is a certified PEERS® Facilitator who has experience offering evidence-based ecologically valid social skills programmes to neurodiverse young adults. Other areas of completed professional development certifications include ADOS-2, ACT for Caregivers, CPI, DAFA Québec and First Aid in the Workplace.

Alyssa is thrilled to join The Wellness Centre team, where she looks forward to contributing to the goals of both the clinical and developmental support services team.