Cottrell Ellis

Associate Counselling Psychologist

Cottrell joined The Wellness Centre in June 2021 following the completion of his clinical training at Yorkville University in Canada. He holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology, as well as a Bachelors in Psychology from Trent University. He is registered with the Council Allied for Professionals (CPAM) and has obtained his licensure as a Certified Canadian Counselor. Cottrell is an advocate of building healthier communities through mental health education, particularly the intersection of emotional literacy, culture and mental health. Cottrell has a passion for men’s mental health and is committed to creating therapeutic space for men to explore emotions, develop healthy stress coping mechanisms, find healing and build positive relationships.

Cottrell is excited to be part of The Wellness Centre, where he enjoys the many opportunities to grow as a mental health professional under the guidance of our robust clinical team.

Areas of particular clinical interest or expertise:
Grief therapy, improving self confidence, stress management


Certified Canadian Counselor



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