Kaitlyn McGee

BA (Hons), PGCert, BCaBA
Training Services Team Lead

Kaitlyn has been gaining experience in the area of Developmental Support since 2012. Her journey began in Canada as a caregiver for an with individual with Autism. It was through this experience, in addition to an undergrad placement at a Child-Support centre, that Kaitlyn knew her life’s purpose was to work with the special needs population. Kaitlyn went on to provide in-home Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention and Applied Behavioural Analysis. She moved to Cayman to continue her journey and has come to specialize in the area of training, in addition to providing direct support to children. She has a passion for training parents, caregivers, and teachers and is very thankful for the opportunity to positively impact the amazing people of Cayman in any way she can.

What you love most about the work you do?

What I love most is guiding and empowering parents to use tools and strategies outside the “four walls” of the therapy room. Teaching parents to teach their children and seeing their success beyond therapy is truly incredible.


C-SMARRT Tutor Level 1 # SCLT 11 050221

Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst #0-21-12769